The Only Orchids Movement Because Only Others Matter


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We remove the politics from giving.

We give when we want, to who we want, whenever we want, as much as we want, with no apologies. We strive to be the most relentless group of givers we can possibly be, while having fun. We combine party with giving back. 


EST 2016


Why We Give

It is what we were designed to do as humans. It’s how we became the largest species on earth. By putting others before ourselves. We are simply going back to our roots. Learn more.



How We Give

We think giving is contagious, so we throw parties to help spread the word and make fundraising— fun. More about our approach to giving.



Our Work

Giving is more than donating time and money. It's about a community coming together to support each other, and help where we can. It's about being the change and spreading the love. View our wins.